Friday, January 11, 2013

Color Combinations Colorful Style by Dian Pelangi Year 2013

Color Combinations Colorful Style by Dian Pelangi Year 2013
Bored with everyday style of dress? Dian Pelangi, designers beautiful, young, and hooded presents beautiful color combinations, interesting, and not boring. Trace of the last name of 'rainbow,' a 21 year old beautiful woman gives a touch of bright colors like a rainbow into the day-to-day clothes. For women this tall, hooded not an obstacle for him to still look beautiful, attractive, and remain in the corridor of Islam.

Buff color is pink and tosca tosca pink and combine into a style of dress. He tends to wear plain clothes and then adding patterned motif ala 'Dian Pelangi' the veil she was wearing. His appearance never 'lonely' of accessories such as bracelets and rings.

He is not focused on just one particular type of fabric, however, he tries to use any kind of fabric available. He used a lot of materials ranging from jersey material, chiffon, spandex, jeans, until batik songket. He adjusts usage types that shirt with the event to be attended. If just a walk with a friend, she chose to wear a casual dress shirts made.

When you want to go to a formal event like a wedding reception of a friend, try to wear a long dress paired with a bolero from batik songket material created by Dian Pelangi. Impression of graceful, modern, but still officially be created by itself. Do not forget to wear a handbag with a few glamorous accents so you still look luxurious appearance. Style veil that she wears tend to be simple yet elegant. Sweet accent was raised by embedding brooch on her veil.

Flat shoes and wedges are also often seen worn by the lady owner's brand Dian Pelangi. Wedges can be used in both formal and informal events. It just depends on the model you choose wedges. If you wear wedges tend neutral color and simple newfangled, use at casual events. Conversely, if the wedges were a bit 'crowded' and have many accessories on it, wear on formal occasions.

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